Dog walking

Pet sitting (7am – 7pm)

1 hour dog walking service and care £10            Full day care for dogs includes
2 /3+ visits, walks and meals, depending on time required
From £10.50 
per day
Additional dogs per hour
(if you have more than 1 dog)
+£5   1 hour dog pet sitting £8.50
Half hourly dog
walking service 

Cat Sitting

Enquire about my cat care I ADORE Cats
Half hour visit feed and play many cuddles

Additional dogs per half hour
(if you have more than 1 dog)
+£3    Additional cat   +£1

These prices depend on locality fuel costs etc

* Visit Times will be flexible to allow travel to tend other pet visits though mindful of their needs so duration is the same length of time always as planned day to day!!